About Me

Fiona Hope

Copywriter, Social Media Manager, Content Writer, Content Creator


Hey, I’m Fiona Hope. A copywriter, social media manager and content creator helping beauty, skincare, health and wellness brands stand out.

Why only those industries? I get to create content about what I love and help brilliant brands shine. I also went on my own journey with skin health and learnt a lot about beauty, health and wellness along the way.

I’ve come across so many brands with amazing products that are being held back by poor website copy, no search presence, a messy Instagram grid or low-quality TikToks. Whether that’s a few spelling errors here and there or a lack of engaging, innovative language, copy plays a vital role in the consumer experience. Just as inconsistent, un-themed socials send the wrong message about your brand.

With 8+ years of experience in content marketing, I know a thing or two about capturing the consumer’s attention. Especially when it comes to the beauty and wellness spheres.

Get in touch

Send me a email at wordsbyfionahope@gmail.com or give me a call on (+44)7983168221.

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